5th December 2018Posted by: Michael Flynn


Liverpool are now amongst a global elite of sports rights-holders according to the December standings of the POWA Index, the world’s first real-time sponsorship evaluation engine.  The Reds, whose sponsors include Standard Chartered and New Balance, have moved past Arsenal to become the world’s 4th highest ranked club (behind Real Madrid – 1st, FC Barcelona – 2nd, and Manchester Utd – 3rd) and the world’s 8th most powerful sponsorship platform across all sports.

POWA Index analysis uses artificial intelligence to rank the impact of sponsorship rights-holders.  Through its proprietary algorithm, POWA Index analyses trillions of data points across social media reach and engagement, on-field performances and online searches to provide an overall score for each rights-holder.

The NBA sits top of the global table with Real Madrid in 2nd  (key sponsors including – Emirates, Microsoft), Barcelona in 3rd (Nike, Qatar Airways) and The NFL in 4th.  

The Premier League brand has now moved above all of its clubs to become the world’s 5th most powerful sponsorship rights-holder.  With five clubs in the top 20 (Manchester Utd – 6th, Liverpool – 8th, Arsenal – 10th , Chelsea – 12th, and Manchester City – 17th) the Premier League has the broadest impact in the POWA Index.  By contrast, no other league has more than two of its clubs in the top 20 (La Liga – Real Madrid, Barcelona), with the top NFL team in 22nd (New England Patriots) and the highest placed NBA team in 24th (Golden State Warriors).  

POWA Index CEO, Michael Flynn, commented:

‘Liverpool’s growth in the POWA Index has been notable this season.  It shows how the substance and style of performances on the pitch can have an immediate impact on global fan interest and subsequently enhance sponsorship value.

‘Significantly, all five of the world’s highest-ranked clubs in the POWA Index – Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal – have illustrious histories that have enabled them to build enormous fan-bases.  However, in order for them to retain their sponsorship value, in an increasingly competitive environment, they will need to keep setting high standards on the field of play.’

 To follow the POWA Index top 20 in real-time visit  Throughout the year, the POWA Index releases a range of analysis graphics and tables exploring the sponsorship potential of the world’s rights-holders – from the elite through to the minor leagues – including the most searched rights-holders online, and the top performers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

POWA index Global Top 20

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