17th December 2018Posted by: Michael Flynn


-Most Powerful Sponsorship Platforms in Club Football Revealed by POWA Index-

POWA Index, the world’s only real-time sponsorship analysis tool, has today released a list of the 16 most valuable football club sponsorship properties.

PSG (7th) and Man City (9th) have joined Europe’s leading sponsorship platforms and become the only two teams in the top 10 who are yet to feature in a Champions League Final.  The title-holders in Ligue 1 and The Premier League have been generating strong POWA Index scores through their domestic dominance and array of world class players with highly engaged social media followings.  Neymar Jr has had a major impact on PSG’s sponsorship valuation, while the player with the strongest influence on Man City’s POWA Index score is Sergio Aguero.

Six Champions League winners — Barcelona, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Juventus, and Bayern Munich – feature in the top 10 clubs.  With Arsenal (Champions League finalists in 2006) and Chelsea the only two in the top 10 who have failed to reach the last 16 of this season’s Champions League.  

POWA Index is the only tool available to clubs, leagues, federations and brands providing a definitive market valuation.  It does this by using artificial intelligence to assess a multitude of factors and benchmark the world’s rights-holders against each other.  

Through its proprietary algorithm, POWA Index analyses trillions of data points across social media reach and engagement, on-field performances and online searches, to provide an overall score for each rights-holder.

POWA Index CEO, Michael Flynn, commented:

‘Sponsorship revenue can give clubs an edge on the field as it is a key area of commercial income that is not negotiated centrally.

‘As fanbases for European football become increasingly global the marketplace for sponsorship is getting as competitive as the game itself.  And the market leaders, amongst our clients, are monitoring and optimising their fan-engagement and sponsorship impact as closely as their coaches measure post-match player statistics.

‘Our real-time research demonstrates that there are some key factors in generating significant sponsorship revenue: firstly, success in a domestic league with a large global fan-base; second, a winning heritage; third, a presence in the Champions League knock-out rounds; and fourth, players with highly engaged social media communities.

‘Clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona, who have all four of those, become powerhouses.  While other clubs, who have a winning pedigree but don’t play in a league currently generating major global interest, such as Bayern Munich or Ajax, find it hard to reach that level.  They, therefore, have to rely on the games they play against the European elite to raise their global profile.

‘Champions League performances are a key driver in improving the sponsorship valuation of Premier League clubs.  This has seen Liverpool’s POWA Index score increase considerably this year, moving them above Arsenal and Chelsea and closer to Man Utd.

‘If Man City were to go one better than Liverpool did, in 2018, and win this season’s Champions League it could have a major impact on their sponsorship valuation.  While Arsenal and Chelsea will want to ensure they get back into the Champions League soon or risk being overtaken by other clubs.’

To follow the top sponsorship platforms in European football in real-time visit  Throughout the year, the POWA Index releases a range of analysis graphics and tables exploring the sponsorship potential of the world’s rights-holders – from the elite through to the minor leagues – including the most searched rights-holders online, and the top performers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Graphic – POWA index Top 16 European Clubs

Graphic – UCL Round of 16 Ranked by POWA index