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28th June 2019Posted by: admin


POWA index, the world’s first data-driven, real-time sports sponsorship valuation engine, ranks the New York Yankees as the most valuable MLB team in terms of commercial power and sponsorship value in the UK.

The London Series 2019 double-header between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox takes place in London this weekend. Each ball game will be watched by a capacity 60,000 fans at the specially converted London Stadium and streamed to millions via OTT platforms and TV. Mitel, the business communications company, is the title partner of the event.

POWA index has created a UK ranking list of the top 20 MLB teams, in terms of their brand presence and sponsorship value, and places the Yankees ahead of the Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Mets with Chicago Cubs in fifth place.

MLB has announced the St Louis Cardinals (14th position) and Chicago Cubs (5th position) will return for the second MLB London Series in June 2020, with Mitel returning as a sponsor.

POWA index CEO, Michael Flynn, commented:

“MLB has seen the positive global brand impact for the NFL and NBA brands thanks to their London events, and the UK capital is the correct choice for the MLB to debut in, as it is Europe’s most cosmopolitan city. This is great news for baseball and for Mitel, the title sponsor of the London Series.
The Yankees brand & merchandise, with its pinstripes and NY symbol, is instantly recognisable to sports fans in the UK, so they were the obvious choice, and the Boston Red Sox are the second in our UK rankings and their history with the Yankees is akin to the fierce rivalry of Manchester United & Liverpool.
This series will generate unprecedented awareness for the MLB, its teams and sponsors in the UK, and they will build on this success by returning next year.”

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Notes to Editors
1. POWA index offers global and country specific data, for the data and rankings covered in this release, POWA index has used UK specific data.
2. A JPG graphic is attached at the end of this release – a higher resolution version is available on request.

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